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welcome cosmofrens!

Our mission is to spread love, interact and collaborate all together in the Cosmoverse. The universe of Cosmodinos is divided into several worlds. Gods, alphas and omegas. Each collection has a power with many benefits.


88 Items


888 Items


8888 Items


11111 Items



Your $dino can be used to purchase items immediately.

You can purchase NFTs from our collection (Cosmopets, Omega and Alpha) and NFTs from other collections, whitelists, Cosmodinos Goodies and more. Sometime limited access to collections dedicated to Gods, Alpha, Omega, and Cosmopets. $DINO can be purchased directly on in ETH or USD.

A percentage of sales will be donated to the community prizes pool for future purchases.

The prize pool will be powered by sales from the secondary market, dinostore and $DINO.

You will be able to purchase some merch in $DINO.

My dinos & my pets

You can customize Cosmodinos and Cosmopets.

You will be able to customize your PFP by changing your clothes, epics, and backgrounds!


With the Epics, you can customize your PFPs and use them in Cosmodinos games. It will not be possible to buy the epics already available on your NFTs. Every 3 months there will be a free-mint for holders depending on the different collections and traits of your NFT's.

play n earn beta

A first version of the game will be deployed on a large community scale to be tested with Cosmodinos holders!


Exclusive Merch only for holders!
Get Disounts of 50% off for God Holders, 25% off for Alpha Holders, and 15% off for Omega Holders!



11,000 Cosmodinos pets in the Cosmoverse.
The pets will be in an egg-like state before they hatch and discover what's inside! A God will have 3 pets for each, an Alpha will have 2 pets and an Omega 1 pet.

Cosmodinos Coffre


For now it will be off-chain. It's a coherent choice given the evolution of the project and the game that we are preparing. Our intention will be to make a $dino coin onchain when we are ready to do so. Step by step.